About Us

Historyof the Company

Atieh Pharmed Salamat Company was established in the fall of 2017 and stepped forward with all its capability to advance Iranian pharmaceutical industry in the tortuous path of production with the slogan “Creativity and Innovation in the Global Arena”. It is hoped that with more efforts we will be able to solve the current problems regarding the shortage of quality Iranian medicine and brighten the light of credibility and trust in Iranian products to the consumer.


  1. Excellence and self-sufficiency in the production of rare drugs in the field of treatment of specific diseases in Iran
  2. Applying updated solutions to produce medicine, treatment and health with the highest quality in accordance with international standards
  3. Continuous increase of productivity based on the experts thinking room
  4. Updating data and information required in all processes
  5. Recognizing patients’ priorities and ensuring their well-being
  6. Planning to continuously increase the effectiveness of the integrated drug distribution system in the domestic distribution centers
  7. Exporting high quality products to neighboring countries, Africa and CIS with the aim of conquering global markets and making money for the country
  8. Identifying, creating and developing competitive advantages in the organization in order to satisfy all stakeholders


  1. Macro policies in achieving the first position as a market leader and selling at competitive prices in Iran
  2. Obtaining globally valid certificates such as FDA APPROVED
  3. Gaining a Top Exporter place in Iran

Organizational Values

  1. Creating a dynamic, healthy and value-creating environment for continuous learning for employees
  2. Development plan and upgrading organizational structure and processes

Social ResponsibilityCompany

  1. Respect for environmental considerations and saving energy consumption in the production process
  2. Commitment to prevent injury and prevent occupational injuries and diseases and maintain the health and safety of employees in accordance with the principles of HSE